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The winner of five 2015 Tony Awards including Best Musical, Fun Home is based on Alison Bechdel’s best-selling graphic memoir. When her father dies unexpectedly, lesbian graphic novelist Alison dives into the past to tell the story of her unique childhood playing at the family funeral home, her growing understanding of her own sexuality, and the looming, unanswerable questions about her father’s hidden desires. Fun Home introduces us to Alison at three different ages, revealing memories of her uniquely dysfunctional family that connect with her in surprising new ways. This unforgettable and groundbreaking musical explores the haunting pull of memory and the power it has to alternately destroy or shape, our identity.


Friday, January 10: 6:30-9pm (6:30-7:30p children, 7:30-9p adults)
Saturday, January 11: 5:30-8:30p (5:30-6:30p children, 6:30-8:30p adults)

Callbacks: Tuesday, January 14: 6:30pm-8:30pm


March 27-April 11, Fridays and Saturdays at 7:30p, Sundays at 2p (No performance on Easter Sunday)


Beginning Feb 3 rehearsals will be Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, Thursday evening
6:30-9p (earlier for children). Additional times may be added during tech week.
*Must be available with minimal conflicts

What You Need for the Audition

● A song prepared from Fun Home. Please see character descriptions for songs that we request you prepare (please prepare at least 32 bars). An accompanist will be provided and we will have the sheet
music at the auditions. No acapella singing or recorded music will be permitted. You can hear the
soundtrack online. Search youtube as many songs have accompaniment or karaoke tracks. www.pianotrax.com is another good resource.
● Please be familiar with the story and content of this show before auditioning.
● There will be a short choreography audition on Friday and Saturday. Dancing in the show is minimal, but there will be some movement/choreography for most characters. Cold readings from the script will happen at callbacks.
● Provide current resume and headshot if available. (not required)
● Be prepared to list of all conflicts between February 3 and April 11, 2020.
● Please arrive on time. Children sign-in by 6:30p on Friday or 5:30p on Saturday. Adults sign-in by 7:30p on Friday or 6:30p on Saturday. Every group will sing individually, then learn a short dance combination as a group.

Director: Whitney Brown
Music Director: Evan Cuddy
Choreographer: Gina Hesse
Producer: Nancy Lupien
Dramaturg: Marie Elizabeth
Stage Manager: Elinor Higgins



Lesbian cartoonist; wry, pragmatic, super intelligent. Alison is stuck artistically and is re-examining her life and her sometimes difficult relationship with her father. Determined to piece together a truer version of her life, Alison decides to write a graphic memoir, a process that ultimately heals her. Note: Alison remains onstage for the entire performance which requires stamina both mentally and physically. Age: 30-45 years. Vocal: Alto – low E to light belt C#. (Prepare MAPS for initial audition)

Alison’s father, a closeted gay man. A high-school English teacher, small-town funeral home director, and
historic home restoration fanatic, he is charming on the surface, with deep layers of shame and anger right underneath. He is a complex man with a hot temper as a result of years of repression; can be caring and attentive to his children but is also quick to anger Age: 30-50 years. Vocal: Tenor – B to G. (Prepare EDGES OF THE WORLD for initial audition)

Alison’s mother. Intelligent, composed, with a quiet coiled intensity. Formerly a promising actress, now an
English teacher, she is frustrated and exhausted by her tumultuous, emotionally abusive marriage. She has spent her life trying to be a good mother and wife while turning a blind eye to the irreverent activities of her husband. Piano skills a plus, but not required. Age: 30-50 years. Range: Mezzo – Ab to strong mixed E. (Prepare DAYS AND DAYS for initial audition)

Alison Bechdel as a freshman at Oberlin College, discovering her sexuality; an incredibly well-read, hyper-intelligent teenager; her uncertainty about who she is makes her socially awkward at times. Age: 18-25 years. Vocal: Alto – strong mix-belt to C and effortless mix to E. (Prepare CHANGING MY MAJOR for initial audition) *must be 18+ to audition

A student at Oberlin. She exudes a confident, sexual energy, with a dry sense of humor. Unlike Alison, Joan is very comfortable in her skin and openly identifies as a lesbian. Age: 18-25 years. Vocal: Alto – must handle harmonies. (Prepare CHANGING MY MAJOR for initial audition) *must be 18+ to audition

ROY/PETE/MARK/BOBBY JEREMY (played by one actor)
Roy, a young man Bruce hires to do yard work; Pete, a mourner who visits the funeral home; Mark, a high school junior; Bobby Jeremy, the lead singer of a band in Alison’s imagination. Singer with a strong clean 70s pop sound. Age: 18-30 years. Vocal: High tenor to a B. (Prepare RAINCOAT OF LOVE for initial audition) *must be 18+ to audition


Alison Bechdel as a child. Precocious and opinionated, yet because of the era she’s growing up in, she doesn’t have the vocabulary to fully define herself. She is on the cusp of finding herself and forming her own views on how a girl her age should behave and dress; confident and intelligent. Must be able to sing harmonies and move well. Age: 9-12 years. Vocal: B to B. (Prepare RING OF KEYS for initial audition)

Alison’s brother, he tries to be the leader but is overshadowed by Alison’s strong personality. Must be able to sing harmonies and move well. Age: 10-14 years. (Prepare COME TO THE FUN HOME for initial audition)

Alison’s younger brother. Like most boys his age, he is full of energy with a quirky imagination. Must be able to sing harmonies and move well.  Age: 6-10 years. (Prepare COME TO THE FUN HOME for initial audition)

Anyone under the age of 18 auditioning will need parent/guardian consent and signature at auditions. We encourage you to read the script or become familiar with its content prior to auditions. Fun Home is a funny, moving, and intense musical. It includes a complicated and verbally abusive relationship between a father and his children, depicts Alison’s romantic/sexual experiences when she comes out as a lesbian, and examines the troubling experiences of Alison’s father, a closeted gay man, including allusions to his sexual relations with teenagers and his suicide. Please contact the director to discuss any questions or concerns prior to auditions. This show contains some adult content, but will be addressed and handled with as much care as possible. The director/music director and producer will maintain contact with parents/guardians throughout the process and will discuss content and our approach at any time. We encourage an open dialogue with you and your child throughout the process.

**The team of Fun Home strongly encourages individuals of under-represented groups to audition.

***Lyric Music Theater is committed to diversity in our productions, both on stage and off. We encourage
people of every race, identity, sexual orientation, faith, physicality and ability to audition or contact us about volunteer opportunities. A culture of inclusion is essential to our mission at Lyric. As creators of art that relies on human empathy–we aspire to create a community built on respect, belonging, collaboration, and creativity. Lyric is invested in exploring multiple perspectives and embracing the value of all people. We seek to cultivate an environment in which our differences are explored with generosity and openness.

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