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The Hunchback of Notre Dame


Music by Alan Menken
Lyrics by Stephen Schwartz
Book by Peter Parnell

Based on the novel The Hunchback of Notre-Dame by Victor Hugo



Quasimodo – Jeffrey Fairfield

Dom Claude Frollo – Mark Barrasso

Esmerelda - Liz Kershenbaum

Captain Phoebus de Martin – Schuyler White

Clopin Trouillefou – Brandon Wong

Jehan Frollo – Luke Perry

Saint Aphrodisius – Ethan Rombalski

Florika – Danielle Robichaud

Father Dupin – Dave Heath

Lieutenant Frederic Charlus – Jon Libby

King Louis XI – Andrew Goodwin

Tribunal - Alicia Fournier

Madam - Gwynne Rivers

Noble - Pamela Bokat

Congregation – Pamela Bokat, Alicia Fournier, Andrew Goodwin, Dave Heath, Jon Libby, Allison Loughlin, Luke Perry, Gwynne Rivers, Danielle Robichaud, Julia Smucker, Christia Whitehouse, Brandon Wong

Choir – Jordan Ashland. Maggie Barnard, Tony Barrasso, Dorie Belanger, Kaylin Brown, Jeanne Deschambeault, Isaac Dinnerstein, Shaline Erhardt, Sue Finch, Walter Kimball, Marlena Lantos, Andrea Levinsky, Angela Libby, Sophie Potter, Meghan Reidy, Ethan Rombalski, Dana Stanley, Lynne White, Jerrie Will, Tom Wilson, Lia Zwain


Production Team

Director - Don Smith
Music Director - Bethany Perkins Hall
Choreography - Victoria Perreault
Co-Producers - Candy Jamerson and Justin Gifford
Stage Manager - Margaret Barrasso
Costume Design - Louise Keezer
Set Design - Don Smith



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