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Welcome from the Board

Welcome! Lyric Music Theater is an all-volunteer community theater that has been entertaining Southern Maine for almost 70 years. Our theater in a converted 1904 church on Sawyer Street in South Portland provides a 174-seat house for five high-quality productions each season, with some of the best talent in New England.

The volunteers at Lyric are the heartbeat of our organization. Hundreds of people donate their time each year to productions, financials, marketing efforts, box office staffing, building maintenance, Board of Directors membership, and more. We invite you to join our family whether onstage, backstage, or in the audience!

LYRIC MUSIC THEATER... the theater just off Broadway!

Lyric Music Theater
Board of Directors

2020-2021 Board of Directors and Officers

Bruce Merrill – President
Maggie Barnard – Member-at-large
Joshua Chard – Director of Marketing
Sue Finch – Director of Technical Operations
Bob Gauthier – Director of Performance Operations
Bruce Gray – Co-Director of Facilities
Justin Gifford – Treasurer * 
David Heath – Co-Director of Administration
Candy Jamerson – Assistant Treasurer * 
Jessica Libby – Secretary *
Randy Libby – Director of Finance 
Mary Meserve – Co-Director of Administration
Sean Senior – Executive Vice President and Director of Governance
Don Smith – Co-Director of Facilities
Patty Sprague – Director of Development

* officer but not a board member

Past Presidents of Lyric Music Theater Board of Directors

1953-1954 H. Frank Catir
1954-1955 Sadie Holden Nissen
1955-1956 J. Rex Hanscom
1956-1957 Harry E. Curran
1957-1958 Robert Black
1958-1959 Lora Coffin & Victor Catir
1959-1960 Harry E. Curran
1960-1961 Linwood Dyer
1961-1962 Linwood Dyer
1962-1963 Linwood Dyer
1963-1964 Philip O'Brion
1964-1965 Eugene Paquin
1965-1966 Linwood Dyer
1966-1967 Ellen LeFevre
1967-1968 Ellen LeFevre
1968-1969 Linwood Dyer
1969-1970 Gerald Payeur
1970-1971 Albert Barnes
1971-1972 Kenneth Lodge
1972-1973 David Locke
1973-1974 Albert Packard
1974-1975 Peter Morton
1975-1976 Cedric Thomas
1976-1977 Linwood Dyer
1977-1978 Linwood Dyer
1978-1979 Linwood Dyer
1979-1980 Philip O'Brion
1980-1981 Dennis Drobinski
1981-1982 Linwood Dyer
1982-1983 Linwood Dyer
1983-1984 Linwood Dyer
1984-1985 Nancy Warnock
1985-1986 Nancy Warnock
1986-1987 Linwood Dyer
1987-1988 Nancy Warnock
1988-1989 Donald B. Drew
1989-1990 Donald B. Drew
1990-1991 Linwood Dyer
1991-1992 Linwood Dyer
1992-1993 Donald B. Drew
1993-1994 Donald B. Drew
1994-1995 Linwood Dyer
1995-1996 Linwood Dyer
1996-1997 Donald B. Drew
1997-1998 Donald B. Drew
1998-1999 Linwood Dyer
1999-2000 Donald B. Drew
2000-2001 William Thibodeau
2001-2002 William Thibodeau
2002-2003 William Thibodeau
2003-2004 Donald B. Drew
2004-2005 Bruce M. Merrill
2005-2006 Bruce M. Merrill
2006-2007 William Thibodeau
2007-2008 Bruce M. Merrill
2008-2009 Bruce M. Merrill
2009-2010 Bruce M. Merrill
2010-2011 Betty Gravelle
2011-2012 Betty Gravelle
2012-2013 Mary K. Meserve
2013-2014 Celeste Green
2014-2015 Bruce M. Merrill
2015-2016 Bruce M. Merrill
2016-2017 Bruce M. Merrill
2017-2018 Donald Smith
2018-2019 Bruce M. Merrill
2019-2020 Bruce M. Merrill
2020-2021 Bruce M. Merrill

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