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Lyric Music Theater Scholarship Program

Lyric Music Theater believes in supporting the next generation of students of theater and the study of the arts. The Lyric Music Theater Scholarship Program is funded by the Nissen-Jackson Scholarship fund, in honor of two of our founders, Sadie Nissen and Helena Jackson, as well as by a fund from the Linwood Dyer Foundation, and admissions charges from Senior Night and other preview performances. 

Any of the arts may be represented by this award for the furtherance of study and advancement in the arts. The scholarship award is to be conditioned upon active participation in, or study of, the Arts. There is no age limit and scholarships may be awarded to such pursuits as college-bound students majoring in the arts, younger students pursing artistic lessons such as voice or an instrument locally, as well as adults taking a local class in the arts. A limited number of scholarships are awarded annually at the Annual Meeting of Lyric Music Theater in June. 

Applicants must apply in writing, stating qualifications and proposed use of the scholarship award. Applicants may be of any age. Applicants must be Maine residents and have a connection to Lyric Music Theater. Scholarships shall be awarded no more than four (4) times to any one individual.

Applications are now open for 2023-2024. Complete your application by May 31, 2024!

Thanks for your interest!