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Continuing our goal to be the community theater for everyone in our community, Lyric Music Theater is proud to be able to offer Sensory Friendly performances. Inspired by The Theater Development Fund’s Autism Theater Initiative, which offers special Broadway performances for family and friends with children or adults on the Autism Spectrum or who have other sensory needs, we are delighted to be one of the only theaters in the area to offer this kind of experience.

Audiences will enjoy a full performance of family-friendly shows. Environmental conditions will be adjusted to create a welcoming atmosphere for our patrons including soft lighting in the theater during the performance, an awareness of the effects of loud noises and jarring lighting effects on those with environmental sensitivities, and activity areas in the lobby for those who need to leave their seats for a sensory break during the performance. All of the volunteers at this performance will be trained to welcome our special guests. ASL interpretation will be offered during these performances. Tickets for these special Pay-What-You-Can performances (all proceeds benefit future sensory friendly performances) are available by e-mailing

We are pleased to offer a Sensory Friendly Performance for our second production of the
2023-2024 Season, A Christmas Story!

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Lyric is grateful for generous funding from The Robbie Foundation which helps makes these performances possible.

See WMTW Channel 8’s coverage of our sensory friendly performance of Matilda the Musical

Patron feedback from the Matilda the Musical performance on Sept 21, 2019

“I couldn’t be more impressed. We were there this afternoon for the sensory performance of Matilda. The show was amazing, it really was, and I’d have been happy with “just” that. But what was really just stand out incredible was the staff that made themselves available to the extra needs present. Complimentary ear plugs for those who needed them. Stuffies for those who wanted something to snuggle. Legos, blocks, Play-Doh and sensory bottles in the lobby for the folks who needed a break. Every single staff member was respectful and kind to every single person present. Those of us with not typical children aren’t accustomed to that. I can’t express how thankful I am. I was able to relax and really just enjoy the day and the show with my girls because I knew that if we hit a sensory overload, we’d still have been met with kindness and respect. We’d not have to duck out as quickly as possible because we were all just in it together. It was a truly wonderful performance. Those kids blew me away. I can’t wait to come back for the sensory performance of Elf. Thank you, Lyric Music Theater and the Robbie Foundation!”