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Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde – Joseph Hitchcock
Lucy Harris – Rebecca Rinaldi
Emma Carew – Jackie Grigg
Gabriel John Utterson – Schuyler White
The Bishop of Basingstoke – Jon Libby
Simon Stride – David Aaron Van Duyne
Sir Danvers Carew – Mark Barrasso
Lord Glossop – Tom Ferent
Spider – Jeffrey Servetas
Lord Savage – Jeffrey Servetas
Poole – Andrew Goodwin
Lady Beaconsfield – Angela Libby
Sir Archibald Proops – Sam Rinaldi
Nellie – Kelly Mosher
Red Rat Dancers – Karly Allen, Maggie Barnard, Jonathan Libby, Brigitte Paulus, Sarah Rinaldi, David Aaron Van Duyne
Ensemble – Karly Allen, Maggie Barnard, Dorie Belanger, Tom Ferent, Alicia Fournier, Chris Freme, Andrew Goodwin, Anna Hawkes, Angela Libby, Jonathan Libby, Ciara Neidlinger, Brigitte Paulus, Sam Rinaldi, Sarah Rinaldi, Jeffrey Servetas, Dana Stanley

Production Team
Director – Michael Donovan
Music Director – Evan Cuddy
Choreographer – Michael Donovan
Assistant Choreographer/Dance Captain – Karly Allen
Stage Manager – Margaret Barrasso
Co-Producers – Candy Jamerson & Mary Meserve
Costume Designers – Louise Keezer & Julie Phipps
Set Design – Michael Donovan
Technical Director – Don Smith
Lighting Design – Sue Finch
Sound Design – Cory Macgowan
Props – Bailey Sheets
Wigs, Hair & Make-up – Michele Lehr

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