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Each year Lyric Music Theater selects two outstanding volunteers for the prestigious “Volunteer of the Year” award and the “Cedric Thomas Lifetime Achievement Award,” (the “Cedi”) named for one of our founders, Cedric Thomas.

We appreciate and applaud all our outstanding volunteers who support Lyric Music Theater in countless ways each and every day. Congratulations to the following award recipients:

2000-2001Ellen LeFevreVolunteer of the Year &
Lifetime Achievement
2001-2002Blanche MackLifetime Achievement
Erik HannaVolunteer of the Year
2002-2003Lora CoffinLifetime Achievement
Margaret BarrassoVolunteer of the Year
2003-2004Ann ConleyLifetime Achievement
Frank NappiVolunteer of the Year
2004-2005Lois MatthewsLifetime Achievement
Mim NappiVolunteer of the Year
2005-2006Louise KeezerLifetime Achievement
Kathy RouthVolunteer of the Year
2006-2007Ken HutchinsLifetime Achievement
Christopher BenoitVolunteer of the Year
2007-2008Don DrewLifetime Achievement
Betty GravelleVolunteer of the Year
2008-2009Anne JohnsonLifetime Achievement
Judy McSwiginVolunteer of the Year
2009-2010Linwood DyerLifetime Achievement
Sarah HoytVolunteer of the Year
2010-2011Kathy RouthLifetime Achievement
Cindy KerrVolunteer of the Year
2011-2012Candy JamersonLifetime Achievement
Denise KnueVolunteer of the Year
2012-2013Eileen CandelmoLifetime Achievement
Matthew BrannVolunteer of the Year
2013-2014Newton CurtisLifetime Achievement
Chris WashkoVolunteer of the Year
2014-2015Leslie ChadbourneLifetime Achievement
Susan FinchVolunteer of the Year
2015-2016Gloria & Reggie BonninLifetime Achievement
Wayne RussellVolunteer of the Year
2016-2017Betty MartinLifetime Achievement
Steve & Nancy LupienVolunteer of the Year
2017-2018Roberta ZimmermanLifetime Achievement
Bruce GrayVolunteer of the Year
2018-2019Patricia DavisLifetime Achievement
Donald SmithVolunteer of the Year
2021-2022Donna LeviLifetime Achievement
Cory MacgowanVolunteer of the Year
2022-2023Betty GravelleLifetime Achievement
Mary MeserveVolunteer of the Year
Cedric Thomas - Lyric's home on Sawyer Street is named for Cedric Thomas, one of our founders
Cedric Thomas